Spoon from the Anklam guild treasury

silver, 16th century, gilded letter pendant;
length: 6 x 3 cm, gilded beltplate; width: 3.5 cm
(on loan by the State Office for Culture and Heritage)

Letter pendants and fabric trimming are symbols of the owner's social status and class. The pendant with the letters V and A beneath a crown may indicate it was worn by an aristocrat. The belt plate with the eyelet for the pendant is richly decorated with set stones. Above the eyelet there is a winged head in the style of Renaissance art.

Ornaments adorn the stamped, rectangular belt plate, arranged in regular rows.

The pieces originate from a treasure discovered 1995 at Wollweberstraße 42.

Text: W.H., W.Ka.

The exhibit refers to:

Western Pomerania until 1945

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Museum im Steintor

Museum im Steintor

Schulstraße 1
17389 Anklam/Vorpommern