Guild trophy owned by the Anklam coopers

tin, 1699; height: 67 cm

The double-handled trophy owned by the coopers' guild has a bulging form typical of the Baroque period. Standing on three baluster feet, the lid is graced by the figure of a standard-bearer whose silver banner carries a reduced version of Anklam's crowned emblem with three beams of light. It was probably bequeathed by a guild member. The coat of the guild, showing the tools of the trade, stands resplendent on the cylindrical section of the drinking vessel. It portrays two planishing hammers and two sets of crossed pliers against a laurel wreath. The names of the trophy's donors are engraved next to the coat.

Master cooper E. Bockhagen from Anklam describes how the trophy is used:
Filled to the brim, the trophy was passed from hand to hand during guild meetings and celebrations in the 17th and 18th centuries. Later on, some itinerant journeymen attached a coin, a cast coin replica or a commemorative plaque with their names to these vessels. The small lion's heads with holes on the sides were used to fix the plaques in place.


Text: W.H., W.Ka.

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Western Pomerania until 1945

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