Executioner's sword from Anklam

Damascus steel, 1694;
length: 118 cm;
blade length: 90 cm

The blade carries the following inscriptions: Front: 'ALMIGHTY GOD, JUDGE ME NOT BY MY DEEDS. ANKLAM, IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD MDCLXXXXIV (1694).' Back: "DO WHAT IS RIGHT, AVOID EVIL, FOR THEN MY SWORD SHALL NEVER REACH FOR YOUR NECK." The handle of the double-handed sword is adorned with silver wire.

The executioner's sword is considered 'dishonourable', and is not permitted in battle. The office of executioner is also deemed a 'dishonourable' profession.

Only persons belonging to the upper classes are beheaded with this sword. Death by this form of execution is considered honourable. Criminals from lower social classes were led to the gallows.

Written records suggest that the last execution took place in 1853. The beheading was held outside the Steintor gate.

Text: W.H., W.Ka.

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Western Pomerania until 1945

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Museum im Steintor

Museum im Steintor

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