Target with bullet holes

Grimmen, painted wood, 1848;
donated by the Grimmen shooting club in 1930;
diameter 130 cm

The wooden target is used during the marksman's fair in Grimmen from 1848 onward in competitions to win royal favour. It is acquired by the old museum in 1930. The holes originate from the 'royal shooting match' (held in honour of the king and the local ruler). Almost all of the holes have been plugged with wood so that the target can be reused. The initials M.K. indicate the donor.

The shooting club in Grimmen organises the marksman's fair each summer during peacetime. From the 18th century onward, it gradually becomes a traditional highlight of small town life and is the most important period of merrymaking in the year, aside from the harvest festival.

The proposal for the 'projektierte Rolle der Löblichen Schützen-Compagnie zu Grimmen' (intended role of the honourable company of marksmen in Grimmen) is presented to the council in 1738 and approved. The council donates the Royal Prize in 1752, a silver spoon weighing four lots. An area in front of Sundische Tor is named the 'Royal Meadow'. The festivities are designated the 'sole public fair'. 1842 sees the introduction of a children's shooting competition. The marksmen's guild organises a celebration to mark this occasion as well.


Text: S. F.

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