Pennant of the Mecklenburg-Schwerin voluntary hunting regiment

Silk, embroidered and painted linen, around 1813, length: 59.4 cm

The pennant bears the inscription “Germany’s freedom” on both sides with an anchor in front of ears of corn. Before the decampment from Güstrow the voluntary hunters from Mecklenburg were given a pennant and eight flags, which were made by girls and women from Güstrow and Rostock. The embroidered slogans were an expression of a sense of national German self-confidence. During the commemoration of the wars of liberation in 1838 the flags held by the voluntary hunters were stored in Güstrow Cathedral and then later the museum.

Text: I. B.

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Mecklenburg until 1945

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Museum der Barlachstadt Güstrow

Museum der Barlachstadt Güstrow

Franz-Parr-Platz 10
18273 Barlachstadt Güstrow