Signet of the blacksmiths of Stargard

turned wood and brass, 1714, length: 9 cm

The signet (seal stamp) of the blacksmiths guild of Stargard (today: Burg Stargard), shows typical tools and products of this craft: blacksmith’s tongs, horseshoe, hammer, anvil, crossed keys and a small padlock. It shows that, at that time, only a few locksmiths were part of the blacksmiths guild. The signet was used to seal important documents such as master craftsman’s certificates or certificates of apprenticeship, contracts and official correspondence.

Text: F. S.

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Mecklenburg until 1945

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Museum Burg Stargard

Museum Burg Stargard

Mühlenstraße 30
17094 Burg-Stargard