Fragment of forest glass with works stamp

Feldberger Hütte, C.G. Brauer, around 1810, stamp diameter: 2.5 cm

The “Feldberger Hütte” glassworks was operated by Christian Gottlieb Brauer as one of the last glassworks in the period between 1806 and 1816. Since the Middle Ages almost all foremen had used stamps to brand their products. The stamps were pressed onto the hot glass and acted as proof of manufacturer. Yet not all receptacles were marked in this way. As glass works required very high temperatures to melt the glass, and thus a great deal of wood, they were only in operation in one location for a few decades at most. Once the surrounding woods had been cleared the works either closed or relocated. The glass fragment was found during building work in Burg Stargard.

Text: F. S.

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Mecklenburg until 1945

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