Mayoral chain of office (Wolgast)

1844, silver;
width of the case: 50 cm

The mayor of Wolgast is granted licence to commission the manufacture of a special chain as a symbol of his office when Swedish Pomerania is absorbed by Prussia in 1844. This delightful museum piece consists of a medallion and chain with 59 oval links. The lower third of the chain has two rows. There are vines on either side of the medallion, used to attach the chain. A relief showing Wolgast's coat of arms is on the back.

It is enclosed within an inscription in capital letters with serifs. It reads MAYOR OF WOLGAST. A profile of the Prussian king is depicted on the back at the right side, beneath it the lettering: FREDERICK WILHELM III FOUNDER OF THE TOWN CHARTER MDCCCVIII: A curved case in black leather is used to store the chain of office. Its insides are lined with blue silk. A small brass button serves as a clasp.

Text: B. R.

The exhibit refers to:

Western Pomerania until 1945

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Museen der Stadt Wolgast

Museen der Stadt Wolgast

Rathausplatz 6
17438 Wolgast