Railway ferry: steamship

length: 36.46 m

The last single-ended, steam ferry in this series, used to transport rolling stock, is berthed in the Museumshafen in Wolgast, close to the Amazonenbrücke. This former rail ferry circulated between Stralsund and Altefähr, as well as in Swinemünde and until 1990 in Wolgast. It was used as an icebreaker and to transport V2 rockets on behalf of the military research facility in Peenemünde.

Captain Rudolf Kleiner prevented the ship from being scuppered in 1945.

Wolgast, where the ship served out its final years, feels a duty to preserve this monument to the history of engineering. A society supports the owner, the City of Wolgast, in preserving the vessel. Enthusiasts contribute ideas, practical assistance and initiative to keep the ship afloat and ensure its future use. Visitors can already tour the captain's cabin, the galley and above all the engine room.

Built 1890 at the shipyard in Elbing, the ferry is 9.80 metres wide and has an unladen draught of 1.23 metres. The two steam engines propelled the rail ferry to speeds of up to 8 knots, and it was able to transport three passenger carriages with 300 persons. The steam engine with dual-stage expansion stroke piston and a maximum of 112 h.p. or 83 kW is a particular detail.


Text: B. R.

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Western Pomerania until 1945

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