Field stone with inscription plate on the construction of the new eastern jetty in Rostock-Warnemünde

1958, width: approx. 35 cm

During the construction of the Rostock overseas port and maritime canal a new eastern jetty was created in Warnemünde-Hohe Düne. The population was to support the project by helping with the construction, working extra shifts and making financial donations. After Rostock council called for “Field stones for the new Rostock high seas port!” in February 1958, stones were collected throughout the GDR. By mid-1958 at least 50,000 tonnes of field stones, 11,000 tonnes of quarry stones and 4,000 tonnes had been collected from the Baltic Sea, which were used to build the jetty. The eastern Warnemünde jetty came into operation with the opening of the new maritime canal on 7th October 1958.

Text on inscription:

The workers and engineers of the

overseas port construction site

welcome the delegates from the

IV. district delegates conference.

With the 35,000 tonnes of field stones

collected by the population so far,

the obligation to fill, by the V. party 

conference, a 300 m jetty 1.70 m over

the sea has been met in advance.


Text: P. DC.

The exhibit refers to:

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

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