Model of school complex in Tessin

1964/65, width: 94 cm

The V. party conference of the SED decreed that, from the 1964/65 school year, the existing eight-class primary school would be replaced by the ten-class general educational polytechnic secondary school.

As well as children from Tessin itself, children from eight surrounding parishes were also to be taught in the small town of Tessin. The new three-storey building was built in accordance with the latest knowledge of school buildings, had a pioneering function and was a binding type of project for 10-class schools in the district of Rostock. In the natural science wing there were six subject rooms with tables and benches arranged around a central supply wing with water, gas and electrical connection.  

From the teaching plan for the ten-class general educational polytechnic secondary school. Government of the German Democratic Republic. Ministry of National Education. Berlin 1959: “The ten-class polytechnic secondary school must stand out through a high […] level of […] teaching. This will ensure that all school children […] acquire a high degree of ready-to-use knowledge and ability […] to be able to record independently and adequately phenomena of nature and society. All subjects must therefore contribute to continually raising the faculty of thought and the mental skills and abilities of school children from one class to the next. This shall be achieved through new teaching methods and teaching processes and through the close connection between teaching and life.”


Text: S. Ka.

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Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

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