Girls’ handcraft: gauntlets, template for monogram embroidery, embroidery design samples

template for monogram embroidery, around 1910, length: approx. 20 cm

During winter the female teachers in “industrial schools” taught girls the skills of spinning, knitting, embroidery, weaving, plaiting “Kaloschen” (straw shoes) and sewing. Boys learned the art of broom and brush making, spinning, spoon carving, basketry or building harrows. The plan in summer included garden work, herbology and carding wool or collecting wild fruits.

“The aim was either to get young people, who would otherwise grow up to be idle, used to useful activities early on [...] or relieve poor people or the state of the costs of feeding and educating poor minors through hard work [...] or better connect both laudable intentions with one another. The idea was namely to lead young people to work and, at the same time, reap the rewards of their hard work and tasks.” 


Text: W. Ka./S. Ka.

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Mecklenburg until 1945

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Landschulmuseum Göldenitz

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