"Copper beech" school wall chart

Volk and Wissen Berlin publishing company, issued by the German Central Pedagogical Institute, around 1970, width: 122 cm

In the GDR scroll pictures continued to be used in an almost unchanged manner in schools as didactic means, and conformed with the teaching plan of the ten-class general educational polytechnic secondary school from 1959: “In biology lessons school children learn the basics of biological knowledge. They become familiar with important types of native flora and fauna […]. School children learn about the composition of the human body […] with practical activities in the school garden and in socialist agriculture children acquire ready-to-use […] skills […].” There were also other visual aids such as specimens, films, slides etc.

Text: S. Ka.

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Mecklenburg until 1945

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Landschulmuseum Göldenitz

Landschulmuseum Göldenitz

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