Trophy owned by the Rostock Small Coopers Guild

Hinrich Schlüter,
Rostock 1701,
tin, height: 60.5 cm

The richly ornate trophy owned by the Small Coopers Guild in Rostock numbers among the oldest testimonies to the culture of trades associations in the city. Small coopers manufactured diminutive cups, cans or plates for use in simple households. Examples of their wares are depicted on the trophy. They make and sell large numbers of their products and therefore feel self-confident and entitled to use such a sophisticated drinking vessel to present their profession.

These trophies are among the most valuable of the guilds' possessions and are only used during official functions. The silver plaques and coins attached to the trophy are gifts or endowments by individual masters.

Text: S. St.

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Mecklenburg until 1945

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Kulturhistorisches Museum Rostock

Kulturhistorisches Museum Rostock

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