Tin, Rostock, 15th century

The rare medieval tin can was recovered from a shipwreck found on the Warnow estuary during excavation in 1903/04. The ship had probably sunk when exiting the port of Rostock. Besides other cargo, the cog was also carrying tin and brass utensils. The sizeable, bulbous cans have been called 'Hanse cans' for around 70 years. The name refers to the regional prevalence of this type.

Their identical features indicate close contacts between the tinsmith guilds in the various Hanse cities. Resolutions passed by the Council of the Hanseatic League introduced standard regulations for tinsmiths in 1361. The guilds agree on common practices during the 16th century. This type of squat can may have been developed for use at sea. Its broad base and low centre of gravity make it very stable.


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Mecklenburg until 1945

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Kulturhistorisches Museum Rostock

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