Model of a "new farm house"

around 1948, length: 65 cm

After the 2nd World War refugees and exiles were a major problem in the north of the Soviet Occupation Zone. Living space had to be created urgently. On 9th September 1947 the SMAD issued order 209, which went down in history as the “Building programme for new farmers.” Typical for these houses was the combination of living space and stables with the lowest material expenditure.

As well as cheap credit (highest building costs of approximately 11,000 DM with 8,000 DM credit) there was 5 pounds of nails and 3 centners of cement. The model shows the L 521 house type with its solid construction. There were also variations made from rammed clay. The house with 74.4 m² of floor space was designed for three people and had one room, a living/ kitchen area, an attic room or two small rooms and the stables.


Text: F. H.

The exhibit refers to:

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

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