"A-substance atomizer" - oxygen nozzle of an A4 rocket ("V2")

Brass, 1943, height: 6 cm

Aggregate 4 (A 4) is based on the liquid drive principle. The Peenemünde rocket developers try to achieve the finest atomisation of the individual fuels by means of suitable injection nozzles and, after mixing, to then burn this mist formed from the two fuels. Centrally located brass atomizers, the so-called "A-substance atomizers", are used for the liquid oxygen.

In the enlargement, embossing marks are visible (from left to right): army acceptance stamp with imperial eagle and number of the inspector, "erl" coded abbreviation of the supplier company H. K. Rudolf, Pilsen/CSR, and "1943" as the year of manufacture.

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Western Pomerania until 1945

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