Helling crane on the former Elbewerft Boizenburg site

Metal, construction period 1970 to 1972,
span width: 31 m,
max. load 8-16 m: 2 x 50 MP (Megapond) for 100 t lifting capacity

The 200-year history of Elbewerft Boizenburg is marked by technical developments, e.g. the motor boat with petroleum engine by Emil Capitaine. For the German Wehrmacht, the shipyard develops floating bridge installations: floating pontoons with 100 hp boats for manoeuvring the pontoons.

After the Second World War, the Soviet military administration accelerated the revival of the shipyard with an order for more than 16 fishing boats. In the following years, inland freight vessels (67 m), fishing boats (38.5 m), refrigerated loggers (39 m), freezer vessels (57 m) and container coastal motor vessels (71 m) were built.

Extensive construction work between 1970 and 1973 served to prepare for the production of 125 m long inland passenger ships (Bifa for short). Ring sectors are prefabricated in the shipbuilding hall and then welded together on the slipway to form the hull. Another slipway is built with a patented cross-stacking system.


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