Boizenburg town and dock railway - timetable

Cardboard paper, year of printing: 1916, 48 cm x 41 cm

Route length: 2.57 km, journey time: 7 minutes between the stations "Boizenburg Town" and "Boizenburg State Railway Station".

Taking into account the high banks of the Elbe, the rail line of the Berlin-Hamburg railway line, opened in 1846, is built 3 km away from Boizenburg. The station is also built some distance away from the town. Soon after, the locals start to call for a connection between the town and the railway line. This is only done in 1890. The urban railway was financed by a public company that existed until 1925. It comprised the mayor commissioned by the town, the senator and three entrepreneurs.

The line is built by the Szczecin company Lenz, which is also the lessee. Every day, seven pairs of trains run, whose tickets – sold by the train driver – are only valid on the day of purchase. The railway is first served by a Bn2t locomotive, in the mid-1920s by a Cn2t locomotive and as of 1938 by a railcar from the Bleckeder Eisenbahn (No. 1, later DR No. 133 505). This has an engine at the front and rear so it can travel in either direction without having to turn around. After the war, the municipal railway is run by the Deutsche Reichsbahn. In 1967, the Reichsbahn ceases operations here. Buses take over the inner-urban passenger transport from then on.


Text: I. R.

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