Wooden doll with water carrier (yoke)

painted wood, end of 19th century, height: 20.5 cm

The doll is the figure of a woman turned from one piece of wood. The carved, flat arms were movably attached to the shoulders with nails. The face and hair are painted and a key head was used. On the shoulder there was a so-called yoke (i.e. water carrier with two buckets) that was simply attached with a nail. This simply produced toy, naively painted in bright colours, is evidence for the entrance of the real working world into the simple world of games. It also shows a typical activity for women within the home and farming economy. The production method suggests that it was an inexpensive toy but was professionally manufactured.

Text: G. K.

The exhibit refers to:

Mecklenburg until 1945

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Mecklenburgisches Volkskundemuseum Freilichtmuseum Schwerin Mueß

Mecklenburgisches Volkskundemuseum Freilichtmuseum Schwerin Mueß

Alte Crivitzer Landstraße 13
19063 Schwerin