Rag doll

linen, cotton, 1946/47, length: 45 cm

The doll’s body is sewn from fine linen and filled with soft material. As with jointed dolls, the arms and legs are connected to the body with cross seams so that they are moveable. There is a silk stocking over the head with its fine facial outlines. The eyes, mouth and nostrils are embroidered on. The wig that is plaited on both sides is also made from a silk stocking that was stitched on with a centre parting. The doll is wearing a dress that was typical for the time. It has a dark red velvet bodice with a ruff, puff sleeves and a checked skirt section.

The collection contains two rag dolls that were produced by hand in this way. They are almost identical. Only one of the dolls has been well preserved, whereas the other one has been played with a great deal and has a lot of damage to its face. Both dolls were produced immediately after the Second World War by a female citizen of Schwerin.


Text: G. K.

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Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

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Mecklenburgisches Volkskundemuseum Freilichtmuseum Schwerin Mueß

Mecklenburgisches Volkskundemuseum Freilichtmuseum Schwerin Mueß

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