Doll carousel with crank mechanism

created from a gas mask filter, 1948, height: 23 cm

The carousel was developed after 1946 based on a patent from Paul Walther. The use of gas mask filters and shells make it a distinct object. The lower part consists of a painted red gas mask filter and a painted green shell has been fitted into the middle. A crank has been inserted into the side wall of the lower part. In the middle there is a rubber disc with a roughened outside hinge. There is a metal rod going through the column (shell) and up to the canopy. On the lower end the rod also has a rubber disc, which is in contact with the crank disc.

When the crank is turned the carousel starts to rotate in a circular motion. The red top has a wave-shaped canopy over it. It is fitted to the metal rod in the middle column and fixed with a light blue cylinder. Six gondola-shaped swings are attached to the edge of the canopy with wire. They are painted claret, dark blue and green and consist of cardboard reinforced with sheet metal. The small rubber dolls are from the 1960s.


Text: G. K.

The exhibit refers to:

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

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Mecklenburgisches Volkskundemuseum Freilichtmuseum Schwerin Mueß

Mecklenburgisches Volkskundemuseum Freilichtmuseum Schwerin Mueß

Alte Crivitzer Landstraße 13
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