Fireside figure 'Dog Tray'

England, Staffordshire, ceramics, painted, glazed;
19th century;
height: 23 cm

The base of this sculpture carries the inscription 'Dog Tray'. It is likely to have meant a guard dog.

Fireside figures from England (Staffordshire and Wegdwood) were frequently found along the North and Baltic sea coastlines and were very popular souvenirs among seafarers. Painted and glazed figures from mass production were mementoes of trips, prestige objects and home decorations.

Although the small sailors' cottages typical of the villages extending along the river Darß did not have fireplaces with an English mantelpiece, they were certainly furnished with armoires, drawers and corner shelves that were perfect to present pieces of this kind.

Text: A. Hü.

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Western Pomerania until 1945

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