Prize money tubes for the horse race at the Doberan-Heiligendamm race course

silver, 1835, length: 12 cm; half-breed race in 1839, length: 10.5 cm

From around 1830 prize money was handed over in the form of silver coins for the winners of the horse races in representative silver capsules. The names of the winners, horses and events were engraved on the capsules. The containers themselves were thus also trophies. On 23rd May 1835 the landowner Carl August Pauly from Vietschow won, on the mare “Serena,” the race linked to the Güstrow animal show of the Mecklenburg Patriotic Association. The second capsule contained the Grand Duke’s prize for half-breed racing on 23rd May 1839.

Text: S. R.

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Mecklenburg until 1945

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Stadt- und Bädermuseum Bad Doberan

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