Model of a sloop in the seaside resort of Heiligendamm-Doberan around 1794

length: 45 cm

The sensations of the year 1794 were two bathing ships, so-called “sloops.” They were 8.70 m long, 3.30 m wide and lay a good half a metre deep in the water. The heart of the sloop was the bathing cabin. After undressing the man or woman climbed up a staircase into a 2 x 1 metre large bathing box that could be moved either higher or lower into the water. The bath in the mesh baskets (referred to as “eel chests”) provided the desired direct contact of the body with the fresh sea water.

It was difficult for more corpulent people to use. The swaying of the boats formed part of the bathing experience, yet this led to many bathing guests becoming seasick and refusing to climb into the sloops.


Text: S. R.

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Mecklenburg until 1945

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Stadt- und Bädermuseum Bad Doberan

Stadt- und Bädermuseum Bad Doberan

Möckelhaus, Stadt- und Bädermuseum
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