Large centrepiece

Meissen royal Saxon porcelain manufacturer, around 1860, porcelain, painted and glazed, height: 44 cm

The most important element of a dining table in a residence was the splendid dinner service. The porcelain set contained up to 300 items with plates for six menu courses, bowls and platters. The showpieces on the table included grand centrepieces, which served a purely decorative purpose. The expert artistic and figurative design pieces should amaze the table guests. The centrepiece consists of three parts and is adorned with rich patterns and decorative flowers on the base, central column and dish. Figures with musical instruments are seated on both sides of the column.

The main residences mainly served as winter palaces from October to May. They housed government departments and court authorities and provided the royal families with life in magnificent residential properties. State and family visits provided occasions for extensive festivities around the dining table.


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Mecklenburg until 1945

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