Head end of the sarcophagus of Queen Luise

1817, by Christian Daniel Rauch (1777-1857), marble, height: 38 cm

In 1810 Rauch, the Prussian court sculptor, was commissioned with creating a reclining figure of Queen Luise of Prussia, Princess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz who died in July in Schloss Hohenzieritz. The work was intended to adorn Luise’s grave in the mausoleum in the Schlosspark in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Rauch created the figure from smooth Carrara marble in Rome. The Prussian king was very moved upon seeing the image of his wife when it was transferred to the mausoleum.

The naturalness, grace and harmony of the work leave an impression. In 1817 Rauch created five copes of the head and two of these are still in existence. Queen Luise is a symbolic figure in German history. Her determination brought about peace with France during the Napoleonic War. Queen Luise died in July 1810 while staying in Schloss Hohenzieritz.


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