Charter of the town of Strelitz from 4th December 1349

ink on parchment, silk threads with wax seal, width: 27.3 cm

In Stargard new state centres of Höhenburg Stargard (between 1236 and 1270) and Burg Strelitz (from 1290) were created. The creation of the towns of Neubrandenburg (1248) and Fürstenberg (1288) were followed in 1349 by the founding of the town of Strelitz. The charter recorded the rights of the town. Tradesmen should settle there and councillors were given the right to found guilds and trades. Urban estates were leased to newly arrived farmers and surrounding woods and plots of land to lords.

The residents of Strelitz became proper citizens of the town. The right of the March of Brandenburg applied within the town’s boundaries. This was testified by Otto and Ulrich Grafen zu Fürstenberg, whose equestrian coat of arms can be seen on the wax seal of the charter.


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