Large diadem

gold, around 2250 BC, width: 33 cm (replica by Wolfgang Kuckenburg)

The golden forehead and breast jewellery represents one of Schliemann's most spectacular finds in Troy. It makes up part of the Treasures of Priam and was discovered in the complex of finds in Troia IIg. The diadem is decorated with 90 chains of various lengths attached to a horizontal chain, decorated with scale-shaped small leaves. On the outsides, they culminate in pendants in the shape of idols. The pendants in the middle fan out in leaf-shaped two-pronged structures made of fine chain links. The entire diadem consists of 16,337 individual parts. The diadem is the best replica to be found anywhere in the world.

Originals of the treasure can currently be found in the Pushkin Museum in Moscow.

Text: R. W.

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