Ship's bell used in the TV show Klock 8, achtern Strom

Brass, circa 1925; height: 31 cm, diameter: 25 cm

This typical ship's bell may have been originally mounted on a Warnemünde cutter. It is used in the GDR as the central prop in the show 'Klock 8, achtern Strom, which is produced by the Baltic studio in Rostock and presented by Horst Köbbert. The engraving 'Klock 8, achtern Strom' is added in this context. A shanty singer and entertainer, Köbbert was born 1928 in Warnemünde and died here in 2014. His estate is donated to the museum the same year. It is used to create a separate department commemorating the singer's life. The bell itself comes from the estate of Manfred Spitz, the show's director. His widow donates it to the Köbbert department as a permanent loan.

Text: K. M.

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Mecklenburg until 1945

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