Pocket watch – stopped 1942 in Rostock

Diameter: 4 cm

The port city of Rostock experiences its most devastating bombing raids in April 1942, which also hit the studio owned by the watchmaker Johannes Lentz in Steinstrasse 18, Rostock. His safe plummets several storeys down from the attic to the cellar. It comes to rest on a heap of coal and is severely damaged in the fire. Later on, Lentz manages to recover some items from the burnt-out premises. They include this pocket watch that quite literally bears the indelible marks of when the aerial attack occurred. Otto Ewert is an apprentice to Lentz at the time, but is attending a course in Hamburg when the raid takes place. His master leaves this watch to him. Otto Ewert sets up his own business in Rostock in 1954, opening a studio at the Warnemünde address Am Strom 62 in 1957. He donates the watch to the museum in 2008.

Text: K. M.

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Mecklenburg until 1945

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