Bridal crown

Wire frame and fabric trimming, Warnemünde, circa 1800, height without figurine: 20 cm

Two bridal crowns are available for marriages in Warnemünde until around 1850. One bridal crown belongs to the Church; its use is licensed by the wife of the pastor. It is donated to the Local Heritage Museum in 1924. The second crown most recently belonged to the estate of Catharina Elisabeth Michelsen, a milliner known in Warnemünde by the name Trienliesch. Myrtle wreaths become fashionable around the mid-19th century, and bridal crowns are no longer needed. The bridal crown is placed on the head of Trienliesch when she dies in 1882 at the age of 71, thus becoming a death crown. The remains of the bridal or death crown are discovered in 1912 when the graves in the old cemetery on the corner of Hermann Strasse are dug up.

Text: K. M.

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Mecklenburg until 1945

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