Barometer from the barque JOHANNES KEPLER

Steel and brass in a glazed wooden housing, Paris, circa 1865, diameter: 37.5 cm. Lent by: Eva Wassak-Völz, Austria

The legendary Warnemünde mariner Stephan Jantzen owns the most modern barometer of his age, which is mounted on his vessel, the JOHANNES KEPLER. He needs it to monitor the weather. Invented by Lucien Vidie, the aneroid barometer is first produced in 1863 by Maison Breguet from France, a manufacturer of luxury utensils. The barometer also shows the temperature. Stephan Jantzen twice circumnavigates the globe on the JOHANNES KEPLER. His wife Marie accompanies him on at least one occasion. She gives birth to their son Varelius in the South China Sea.

Text: K. M. / R. G.

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Mecklenburg until 1945

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