Child's plate from the Wieseneck hostel

hotel porcelain, manufacturer: Bauscher Weiden/Upper Palatinate;
sold by: Otto Koch Stralsund,
around 1915;
width 25 cm

The oval plate belonging to the hotel crockery is used to serve children and originates from the Wieseneck hostel. It is divided into three sections and has a slender green and a broad blue edge. The inscription 'WIESENECK HOSTEL, proprietor Lina Hirsekorn' is printed on the top in the style of a cartouche.

Several sizeable hotels open on Hiddensee after 1900, among them the Hitthim, the Hotel zum Dornbusch, Pension Wieseneck and Bergwaldhotel Zum Klausner. Initially, though, the rooms have neither running water nor electricity. The chamber maids regularly replace the wash basins and jugs.

Drinking water is pumped from the hotel well. The rooms are unheated and only habitable from May to September. But despite these apparently Spartan conditions, the hotels do offer a certain luxury. This includes the crockery with the proprietor's signet or cutlery embossed with their names or initials.

The daughter of the hostel's first owner donates the plate to the museum in 1976.


Text: J.L.

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Western Pomerania until 1945

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